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Painting Interior and  Exterior

With so many years and having training all the time, we are professional in make perfect paint lines between walls and ceiling or floors and walls .. well thanks to many home owners that we worked. In their house we’ve always been well received because they know that our hands is qualified to make this specials works. After to do many work by your neighborhood we are always pleased to give you what you need here in all our pictures you will see deck painted, shed painted , complete bedroom or some walls, beautiful bathroom . All interior in the houses painted with 1 o several colors , we can use machine spray paint, and also there are times that people wants to rejuvenate the paint outside walls and windows/doors or

 simply people want to change their taste and want to see their house , their room with another color,  

before all painting , we inspect and tell you if how it is going to finish when I explain you that it need to prepare all surface like power wash, caulk lines , gaps , scrapes some places , primer and painted the area. All paint finish in the walls . ceiling or everywhere we paint it need to finish all pure color. you will see the big difference between not painted for years than painted recently .

Residential House Painting here in long island NY

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Experienced, trusted painting professional.

Highest Quality

 • Experienced Expert
Professional Residential House Painting all the time
• Perfectionist
Focused on the details until will enhance the place of your dreams
We cover with plastic, paint drop clothes, Splatter Free!
• Variety of paint
Accomplished in commercial, residential and remodeling work

Hassle Free

• Polite and Courteous

• Clean • Quiet • Neat
• Thorough Communication
• Professional
• Competitive Pricing

Everything is written it means all details of the work will be written on paper, clarification is the key before start any work.


• References and Testimonials

• full licensed and insured in new York state.

Residential House Painting PerfectoRemodel corp.

Residential House Painting

 We know you have several options

when it comes to painting your home. Painting the interior or exterior of your home yourself can be a big pain. Even hiring a contractor to paint can cause a lot of frustrations! At PerfectoRemodel corp. is an interactive communication with the same owner of the company , friendly , custom estimate , unique price and confidential

Painting we aim to make the process easy and pain free. Having your house painted right and looking great is a given. . We go above and beyond just having your job done right, but providing stellar communication and customer service. Some examples of this include the following:

· We provide professional color consulting

· official work order form prior to starting work
· job status
· reports given to you end of each day by phone, sms, email …
Most properties will require painting on a regular basis to keep them in good condition. The time
between repainting will depend upon the location of the house, the weather, the quality of paint
was used before, and how many coat of paint was done, and finally the preparation.
 Care is required to select the correct paint system, to prepare the surfaces and to apply the primer, undercoat and topcoat.
 Paint failure is usually the result of inadequate preparation and poor application. We buy the best tools so our painting work comes incomparable, inpecable and fine , fine work.

what we paint or stain :

deck painting

drywall painting
shed painting
drylock painting in the basement
siding painting
flooring painting
garage epoxy painting
office or commercial painting
use of stain, poly on the wood flooring


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 the shine of the wood floor make the house elegant and warm


there are a lot of variety of sheet of vinyl flooring



each type of flooring has a different style to count on


when you think of carpet just call us


now there is interlock piece of floor , just tough and grooves

its easy to install and enjoy your floor


we do mud work , level the floor and install new surface. now is time to enjoy your house with new floor


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think about it ?  all bricks, cement, stones looks beautiful , why not have the fantasy in reality what you have in mind …:)

Concrete Projects such as driveways, walkways, sidewalks or patios

Brick Work projects such as, pavers, , Limestone, Bluestone, or Cobblestone

Footings – exterior waterproofing,

we do all types of stone work blocks and pavers : retaining walls , pillars , patios , sidewalk , steps , fire pit .. etc …

when you have any repairs of brick stoops , concrete cracks , and more …


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Carpentry: measure twice and cut once
we do finish carpentry and framing carpentry

house extensions or additions doors and windows from the store or custom pieces base and top molding crown molding any size and wide , anywhere of the house shed and deck repairs and building , maintenance framing walls,ceiling, and any partition or extension replacing rotton wood from termites damages.

 Reinforces structures of the house or anywhere of the house  plywood installation , replacing and new ones please feel free to talk to me , John


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Sheetrock , spackling
Fine Drywall Installation

We do all aspects of drywall installation, include:

Small patches in residential homes or commercial
Large-scale projects (two,three,six -hundred board installations, generally)
Drywall installation over metal studs or lumber
Overlaying new drywall over existing walls and ceilings (more cost-effective than tearing down or skim coating old surfaces) personal choice
Let’s finish Drywall

normaly drywall requires three coats of joint compound, or spackle. We allow each coat to dry for a full day before proceeding. however if time is an inportant issue, we have fans,heaters and dehumidifiers to speed the process. we can use quick-setting joint compound and have the project finished in one day.

Dustless Sanding or with smooth shaving

there are many ways  to do without spreading the dust all over the house, one is close the door , tape it and work inside of a room, do the spackling with plaster and joint compound and shave it until you have nice finished.

another way use vacuum sanders that bring all the dust into the vacuum.

we are the master doing the right job all the time

some people want to do Skim coating some walls or entire rooms

skim coating is done correctly depending of the surface, the thickness of the joint compound goes according of the damage areas ,if you see some surfaces are so damaged they require a thick skim coat. For instance, walls damaged by paneling or wallpaper often benefit from skimcoat repairs.

or some surface require light skim coat like when it’s remove the wallpaper, some areas it needs skim coat only where it was peeled with the paper of the sheetrock… because some people did not primer before installing wallpaper then when is removed the wallpaper also remove the drywall paper in many times.

Replacement of the drywall

 whatever it would be the reason, it can be moisture, water damage, too old drywall, broken drywall , bad surface , and skim coating is too much work and it will cost more than installing new sheetrock in some occasion, ripping out the old wall and ceilings and replacing them with fresh drywall is more cost-effective and much cheaper.


some people see that removing old sheetrock will cost more money and people decide installing drywall on top of the old one . it can be 3/8 inches or 1/2 inch on top of the old one

Another reason for some areas people decide to installing on top of the old one is because of the noice protection or more protection for the cold season . Contact us for a free estimate to learn more.


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we make ceramic and marble the right way
there are a lot of theory of how to install them but in reality we make it perfect and that’s our guarantee

we show you our work in pictures and videos and more …


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   Roofing work
   when it’s time to replace your roof

  there is one or several leaks
  it looks old
  you don’t like the color of the roof
  to protect and prevent more damage of the house
  the plywood is broken and need to replace it