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popular Frequently Asked Questions

What handyman service do you offer ?

we have a large group of small project that we do , please click here for more information

How do you charge ?

we usually charge by the job , one price .. it can be only labor or included material, labor or otherwise some people wants to pay per day in which we have that price too

what areas or county do you serve ?

we go almost anywhere in the island… please check more here

Do you charge a trip-charge ?

we don’t charge any trip or consultation , going to your house.

How fast can the work be done ?

all depend the kind of work you have, some job be be completed the same day or some can take few weeks .. please call us for a free estimate

Who picks up supplies ?

that’s your choice , but if we do it , you need to tell us what item number you choose. or we can pick up all the supplies and we give you the receipt. or much easier we give you one price for the project, labor and material included.

Are you licensed and insured ?

Yes, absolutely Yes , and always protect yourself and your family by hiring contractors who are licensed and insured.

Do you have discount for ciniour citizen ?

 yes , we give special prices for them because we undestand the situation and honor to give good prices for elderly people